Bug Eating (literally!)

When Dave is not busy helping kids become better writers or writing himself, he can often be found munching on insects! He is a true entomophagist!

Look for Dave on the National Geographic TV special “Mygrations: National Geographic Endurance Series” where Dave and 19 others follow the wildebeest migration across Africa. Only 13 make it to the end….will Dave????

TEDx Cambridge 2010

Eating Bugs: David Gracer

Dave’s interest in this subject concerns numerous aspects, but centers on our relationship to Nature and the potential for a better future for all of humanity.

He addresses the utilization of insects throughout our history, and describes how entomophagy could address our current problems. His approach utilizes humor and engages curiosity.

The Colbert Report

David Gracer on Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Report

The Colbert Report: David Gracer cooks up a delicious plate of insects and invites Stephen to join in the feast.

The Perennial Plate

Episode 78: Eating Insects

Before you call this video gross, or trendy, or sensationalist… watch it. David Gracer, an entomophagy (bug eating) expert gives a pretty good case for making wider use of bugs. He’s eating them to save the planet, not to make a buck.

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An Interview with Dave Gracer & Florence Dunkel

Tyler Wist, an entomology student at the University of Alberta, interviews Florence Dunkel (Montana State University) and David Gracer (Community College of Rhode Island) at Entomology 2010, the 58th Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America.

The interview took place during the intermission of a symposium called “Entomophagy Reconsidered: Current Status and Challenges, Potential Directions, and an Invitation to Entomologists.”

29 Sept 2014

Community college of rhode Island

Gracer sees insects as sustainable solution for feeding a growing world population

10 Feb 2008

New York Times

Man Bites Insect

01 May 2013

Daily Mail

Man addicted to eating INSECTS reveals he has consumed 5,000 species in the past 11 years – with cockroaches among his favorites

03 May 2013

Oddity Central

Man Has Eaten Over 5,000 Bug Species in the Last 11 Years

08 Nov 2011

The Huffington Post

Catching and Eating Insects with Entomophagy Expert David Gracer

05 June 2016

Providence Journal

Bug-eating R.I. teacher traverses African plains on TV reality show

05 May 2013


Bug man eats 5,000 species of insect in 11 years

05 Sept 2008

Rhode Island Monthly

The Bugman Cometh

07 May 2008

Discover Magazine

Want to Help the Environment? Eat Insects.

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