What We Offer

Writing support from Write On With Dave will make your child (or YOU) a stronger writer!

You will receive feedback on submitted papers within 24-48 hours of submission deadlines.

Submission deadlines:

Mondays 11:00 am (returned by Wednesday 11:00 am)

                                                                                   Thursdays 2:30 pm (returned by Saturday 2:30 pm)

Dave will provide you with feedback on both form (grammar, punctuation, and similar aspects of communication) and content.

Essays will be returned (within 24-48 hours) with extensive notes about strengths and trouble-spots (see What You Get for details and examples). If desired, Dave will provide the letter grade that the student would receive in a conventional classroom.

Dave’s interest in helping people improve their writing includes all parts of the writing process. He constantly reminds students that questions are important – asking questions of every variety is a central part of Write On With Dave! If students take a little time to work on the writing process, improvement is inevitable.

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School/Homeschool Essays

Bulk rates are PER FAMILY! Plan ahead!!

(Please contact us about bulk rates for mixed grade levels.)

5th & 6th grade: $15

3 papers: $40

5 papers: $65

7 papers: $90

10 papers: $120

7th & 8th grade: $25

3 papers: $70

5 papers: $110

7 papers: $150

10 papers: $210

high school: $35

3 papers: $100

5 papers: $160

7 papers: $220

10 papers: $310

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College Application Essays

Whether you already have a draft of your essay and would like to polish it, or you are starting with a blank page and have no idea of how to begin, Dave can help.

Option 1

An Essay That is Written, But Needs Work: $90

Dave will give feedback to your college-bound student, getting as close as possible to that perfectly written college application essay! Includes 3 rounds of edits. Additional feedback available; contact us for pricing.

Option 2

Beginning With a Blank Page: $150

Experts (and most everyone else) know that just getting started is the hardest part. Whatever your topic, Dave will be your guide and give you a push in a good direction. Your voyage will start with a 1:1 Skype session with Dave for one hour. After that, he will give you feedback on your essay up to 3 times. Additional feedback and Skype sessions available; contact us for pricing.)

Writing help for ADULTS also available!

Have you been told that you should write a book? Do you thirst to write but don’t know where to start? Writing is only as scary as you make it!

Dave’s interests extend far beyond school age papers and college admissions essays. If you are an adult who would like to work on your writing or even write a book, you are most welcome to reach out! In fact, whatever you want help writing – including cover letters, wedding speeches, eulogies, grievance letters, and more – let us know! Please contact us for more information on a plan customized just for you.

Skype lessons are available 1:1 for $60/hour.