“Write On With Dave was RIGHT on! Exactly what my son needed to move forward on an important paper. Dave’s advice and comments were invaluable to us. My son appreciated that Dave included praise in his feedback, which really encouraged him. We both liked that the feedback was much deeper than just grammar corrections. Dave also went the extra mile and pointed my son to one or two other interesting facts to research and add to the paper to make it so much better. I found Dave’s comments to be thoughtful enough to push my son on, critical enough to get him to move in the right direction, and compassionate enough to leave him feeling he was not alone with his essay. Thanks Dave!”

–Vicki Z., mom of highschooler

“Thank you so much for your insight in editing my cover letter. Your feedback was very specific and helpful. With your critique I am able to get my point across more efficiently. Your outside viewpoint was helpful in making the letter more interesting and business-like, while not taking away my voice.”

–Amanda H., accountant

“He knows how to make writing fun!!! I absolutely loved every bit of this class. He is not uptight like other college professors I had. He really wants students to learn and pass in his class. His assignments are realistic and interesting. He is probably the best English professor I had till now. I absolutely recommend him if you want to learn!!”

–English 1005 Student

“Good teacher, very crazy, very unique. A teacher I will never forget. Walked into the room, struck a pose, and had us write a paper on what we thought he was doing. Let us all share our opinions, very open to suggestions…..overall interesting character and an excellent teacher.”

–English 1050 Student

“Write on with Dave was fantastic. Insightful comments while being positive and encouraging about my child’s writing. He was great about emphasizing the strong points and pointed out specific areas where the writing could be improved.”

–Melissa D., mom of grade schooler

“Dave will help your child construct a better essay! With my daughter’s essay, he very clearly pointed out grammatical errors, word usage inconsistencies, and problems with unexplained author assumptions, and offered solutions for fixing them. Your child’s essay will definitely be improved after working with him!!”

–Patricia M., mom of high schooler

“One of the better professors I’ve ever had. A genuinely nice guy, who really took an interest in his students’ learning experience, and provided a lot of original material for study. Also, turned me onto Kurt Vonnegut, so if nothing else, there’s that.”

–English 2010 Student

“He’s not like any other teacher I’ve had in my three years attending CCRI. This, however, is a GREAT thing! He is crazy and out there but knows exactly what he’s doing and is one of the smartest people I have ever met. He’ll take you on trip…makes you think about things you never would have thought about on your own or even at a university. A+”

–English 101 Student

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